150+ Most Popular Free Udemy Courses

Udemy is a leading E-Learning platform, that provides different types of online courses such as Data Science, Web Development, Mobile Development, Personal Development, and many more. Udemy offers more than 150000+ top online courses. This platform has the trust of more than 14000+ companies and millions of individual learners all over the world. Udemy Free Online courses will help you to achieve your goals.

We have made a list of more than 100+ top online courses which are completely free. There is no requirement for any coupon code to get access to these free courses. You just need to make a sign-up and start learning online.

Web Development Online CoursesUdemyFree
Online Courses in Data ScienceUdemyFree
Mobile Apps Online CoursesUdemyFree
Programming Languages Online CoursesUdemyFree
Online Courses for Making Games and AppsUdemyFree
Online Courses on Designing and Managing Databases UdemyFree
Software Testing – Beginner to Advanced Online Courses UdemyFree
Software Engineering Online Courses UdemyFree
Online Courses on Development Tools for the Web and Apps UdemyFree
Best No-Code Development Online CoursesUdemyFree
Online Business Courses UdemyFree
Online Courses in Entrepreneurship for Starting a Business UdemyFree
Communication CoursesUdemyFree
Business Management Courses OnlineUdemyFree
Sales TrainingUdemyFree
Business Strategy CoursesUdemyFree
Project Management Courses Online UdemyFree
Business Law Online CoursesUdemyFree
Online Courses for Business Analytics and Data Analysis UdemyFree
Human Resources ManagementUdemyFree
Career Planning Online CoursesUdemyFree
Online Courses on Building and Managing E-Commerce Sites UdemyFree
Digital Media and Publishing CoursesUdemyFree
Real Estate Online CoursesUdemyFree
Udemy Free Resource CenterUdemyFree
Free Online Business Courses and TutorialsUdemyFree
Top Free Data Science Courses UdemyFree
Free User Experience Design Courses UdemyFree
Udemy Course CreationUdemyFree
Free Digital Marketing Courses UdemyFree
Free Essential Tech Skills CoursesUdemyFree
Free Business Fundamentals CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free English Language Courses UdemyFree
Free Courses: Business, Management & Leadership UdemyFree
Free Programming Fundamentals Courses/a>UdemyFree
Popular and trending topicsUdemyFree
Free Digital Marketing Basics CourseUdemyFree
Top Free Blogging CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free JavaScript Courses UdemyFree
Learn English for FreeUdemyFree
Top Free WordPress Courses UdemyFree
Free Video Production TutorialUdemyFree
Best Python Online CoursesUdemyFree
Free Front End Web Development Courses UdemyFree
Top Free Video Editing Courses UdemyFree
YouTube 101: Keys to a Successful ChannelUdemyFree
Best Web Development Online CoursesUdemyFree
Free Online Course Creation Courses UdemyFree
Free Personal Development CoursesUdemyFree
Free Artificial Intelligence Courses UdemyFree
Top Free Startup CoursesUdemyFree
Best HTML Online CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free Project Management CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free French Language CoursesUdemyFree
Best Java Online CoursesUdemyFree
The Power of Complimentary Udemy CoursesUdemyFree
Free courses on Udemy to learn practical skillsUdemyFree
Top Free React JS CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free Coding For Kids CoursesUdemyFree
Free Machine Learning Courses UdemyFree
Top Free German Language CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free Ethical Hacking CoursesUdemyFree
Best CSS Online CoursesUdemyFree
Free JavaScript TutorialUdemyFree
Best Django Online CoursesUdemyFree
Free Video Creation Courses UdemyFree
Top Free MATLAB CoursesUdemyFree
Best Microsoft Office Online CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free Salesforce CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free SQL Courses UdemyFree
Top Free Unreal Engine Courses UdemyFree
Best Bootstrap Online Courses UdemyFree
Top Free Vue JS Courses UdemyFree
Free Basic Digital Marketing CourseUdemyFree
Beginner Course on Programming and CodingUdemyFree
Free C++ Courses UdemyFree
English Speaking Course for BeginnersUdemyFree
Best Health Online CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free Unity Courses UdemyFree
Best Healthcare Online CoursesUdemyFree
Free Computer Science CoursesUdemyFree
Basic Computer Skills UdemyFree
Top Free Amazon FBA CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free Python CoursesUdemyFree
Best Node.Js Online CoursesUdemyFree
How to Create an Online CourseUdemyFree
Free Data Structures Courses UdemyFree
Top Free Data Analysis Courses UdemyFree
Free C Programming Language Tutorial UdemyFree
Free Project Management Professional CoursesUdemyFree
Best Angular Online Courses UdemyFree
Best Excel Online Courses UdemyFree
Top Free Linux Courses UdemyFree
Top Free Stock Trading CoursesUdemyFree
Best Shopify Online Courses UdemyFree
Free Health Tutorial UdemyFree
Free Affiliate Marketing Course for BeginnersUdemyFree
Free Python Tutorial UdemyFree
Learn Chat GPT from scratchUdemyFree
Complete Tableau Training for Absolute BeginnersUdemyFree
Free Marketing Strategy Courses UdemyFree
Free R Programming Language CoursesUdemyFree
Top Free Affiliate Marketing CoursesUdemyFree
C Programming: Master The Basics!UdemyFree
Learn to Program in JavascriptUdemyFree
Best SEO Online CoursesUdemyFree
Free Cloud Computing Courses UdemyFree
Free English Conversation Courses UdemyFree
Top Free Big Data Courses UdemyFree
Free PLC Tutorial UdemyFree
Learn HTML and CSS together for BeginnersUdemyFree
Best IELTS Online CoursesUdemyFree
Free E-Commerce Courses UdemyFree
Free Freelancing Tutorial UdemyFree
Top Free Email Marketing Courses UdemyFree

Advantages of Udemy Free Courses

Udemy has hundreds of free courses on its platform. All these free courses are skill oriented and demanding in the industry. Apart from this, there are several advantages of free Udemy courses.

  • Cost Savings
  • Skill Development
  • Flexibility
  • Introduction to Udemy’s Platform
  • Building Foundations
  • Community Engagement

Top Categories Courses offered by Udemy

Udemy is well-known for offering a variety of courses in different categories. These courses are free and paid for both. You can learn the courses as per your schedule.

  • Programming Languages
  • Data Science
  • Personal Development
  • IT Certification
  • Digital Marketing
  • Teaching and Academics
  • Machine Learning
  • Photography and Video
  • IT and Software
  • Health and Fitness