SQL Courses for Data Analysis with the Certificate

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is a powerful tool for managing the large-size database. Learning SQL is essential for all aspiring data analysts. Finding the best SQL courses for data analysis is very difficult. We have worked very hard to find the best sql online courses that are suitable for data analysis.

You know, SQL is very broad and learning complete SQL could be a headache for everyone. So that we have made a list of SQL courses only for Data Analysis.
SQL Courses for Data Analysis

SQL for Data AnalysisUdacityPaid
Oracle SQL BasicsCourseraPaid
Oracle SQL – A Complete IntroductionUdemyPaid
SQL for Data ScienceCourseraPaid
The Complete SQL BootcampUdemyPaid
Introduction to SQLDataCampPaid
Learn SQLCodecademyFree
Learning SQL ProgrammingLinkedInPaid
SQL Essential TrainingLinkedInPaid
SQL for Data AnalysisUdacityFree
SQL for Data ScienceMy Great LearningPaid
SQL for Data AnalysisGooglePaid
SQL for Data AnalysisUdemyPaid
SQL for Data ScienceeDXPaid
The SQL Tutorial for Data AnalysisUdemyFree
SQL For Data ProfessionalsCODE BasicsFree

Still, we are working to get some more SQL courses. We will update it soon. Keep on reading.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Should I Learn in SQL for Data Analysis?
Ans. There are multiple things that you can learn in SQL for data analysis like Joins, Manupulate, Analysis Data, etc.

Q2. How to master SQL for data analysis?
Ans. We have mentioned multiple resources in the table to learn SQL for data analysis. You just need to click on any link, make a signup and start learning.

Q3. What kind of skills is required for d Data Analysis jobs?
Ans. To get a Data Analysis job, you must know Excel, Power BI, SQL, Python etc.

Q4. How much SQL knowledge is required for d Data Analysis?
Ans. You need to be an expert in SQL. You must know some complex SQL queries to get a job in data analysis.