How to Live Stream Recorded Videos to your Facebook Page For Free

From text messages to optical representations (Pictures) and from recorded videos to live streaming, content has continuously developed over the past decade. Business owners continue to search for ways through which they can captivate the audiences quickly and more productively. Facebook live streaming is one of the most effective and used ways by brands these days.

Live streaming provides an elevated involvement with the content, robust attention of the customers and it also boosts search engine optimization of the company.  According to Comscore (an American media measurement and analytics company), a live streaming of your brand will increase the chances of your brand coming on the first page of Google results by 53 times.

Facebook live streaming can be done literary anywhere. It was initially a way to connect with each other but lately, it has grown into an influential platform for marketing, publishing, and advertising.

Must know things about Facebook Live Streaming

  1. Facebook Live Streaming can be done through any Facebook page, groups and personal profile. All you need is Facebook Page Manager Application if you want to broadcast your live video through your phone. And for using a professional camera, the Facebook Graph Application is needed.
  2. Always broadcast your video for not less than 10 minutes because the longer your broadcast, the number of people joining in will be more. Live broadcast remains available on your profile up to 4 hours.
  3. Users comment more on live broadcast rather than regular videos.
  4. Live videos are the most high-ranked type of content in the news feed.


Got good content that needs to be shared with the world? Create a buzz for it and let them know when to expect it. Set a date and time for your broadcast and let your audience decide ahead of time. Before streaming, you can post something like, “Hello guys! On (date) at (time) we will be going live to show some new products that people of all age are surely going to love. Don’t forget to tune in.”

You can also tease the result even before going live. For example: “Hey guys! We are about to go live in half an hour and in this video we will tell you to make a sumptuous red sauce pasta. By the end of the video, you will be a pro in making red sauce pasta. You will know what all ingredients you need to have, what are the common mistakes that you have to avoid and how to make a perfect authentic Italian dish that you and your family is going to love. Also, you will learn how to make mixed or pink sauce pasta. Stay tuned and you will be ready to cook mouth-watering pasta for your meal.”

 If people like your video, there are chances for them to show their emotions and comment on your video.

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The best part about Facebook Live Streaming is that the video does not disappear immediately when your broadcasting ends. It stays remains there and continues to collect views.

Facebook live streaming lets you have a direct association with your audience because they are commenting, asking questions and giving their feedback. You don’t need to worry if you make a mistake. Every marketer must know that they can edit out their video once it gets over. This will let your viewers keep watching.

A live video lets the viewers know the insights and cool things happening at the other corner of the world. So, choose different places, people, and things and include them in your live video. Make your video so interactive that the viewer finds it difficult to stop it in between/ stays tune and keep watching it.


Some people have this doubt that they cannot go live from their desktop or laptops. But they are wrong. You can start your live video from your computers too.

Isn’t that cool?

Earlier, we could go live on Facebook only through a tablet or Smartphone that utilized Facebook Live API but now you can go live directly from your web browser. This is perfect for recordings such as Vlogs.

Now Facebook has made it easier for brands that let a large number of reliable employees to be the admin of their Facebook page and control live streaming. Earlier, the authority of going live was only with the ‘admin’ of the page but now the admin can select other ‘Live Contributors’. It is a recently developed function that will let the people selected as live contributors start live streaming anywhere anytime.

Soon Facebook is going to introduce a feature “lightweight insights”. This feature will have metrics like what is the total number of views, total minutes viewed, and total engagements that include shares, comments, and reactions. 

Users can also see a combined insight over different periods of time. This insight will include the total number of video posts, total views, total engagements (reactions, comments, and shares), the total number of followers and total minutes viewed over a year or a month or a week.


Live videos are the most authentic and honest way to connect with your audience.

  • Give an inside look of your business- Through Facebook Live Video, show your followers that how you work, how you create a product, what facilities you have for your employees, how they relax, the infrastructure of your office et cetera. Everyone loves to know behind the scenes of a brand.
  • Announce an upcoming event and boost it- Once you have planned the event, announce it on Facebook and promote it. Create a buzz about it like, “Hello guys! We are going live today at 1:00 pm. We will show you the cool infrastructure in our office and how our employees chill and work at the same time. Don’t forget to tune in.”
  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions- For any business, providing excellent customer service is very important. There must be many questions coming to you from your customers, and answering them individually can eat up a lot of time. So, broadcast a live video and answer all the frequently asked questions by your customers.
  • Conduct questions and answers session–   Carry out a session with your employees, customers and all other important people in your marketplace and talk with them.
  • If your business is hosting any concert or if there is a conference, go live on Facebook and engage with your audience. Answer the question you get when you are live.


 Live video can be challenging for people who lack time and money because they are not of aware of ideas how they can use live broadcasting for their businesses.

 Regardless of the size of your business, Facebook Live Streaming can be utilized for the following ideas:

  1. It lets you provide absolutely unique content.
  2. It is a cost-effective video strategy
  3. You get to provide better content to your audience directly.
  4. Live streaming drives more traffic to your page.