Google Business Listing: Google My Business (GMB): A Complete Tutorial (A – Z)

Nowadays ‘Google My Business’ has become a prominent marketing tool to generate more leads for the business. This is completely a free service offering by Google to boost local business. If you are a business owner and want to gain an advantage on local searches (Local SEO) this tool could be your best marketing tactic. In this article, I am going to tell you a complete tutorial on Google Listing. You will learn all the aspects of Google My Business (GMB) here such as:

  • How to add a business on Google My Business
  • How to optimize business listing to get rank on Google
  • How to remove a duplicate listing
  • How to enable a suspended Google Listing

I can hope that you would have a basic understanding of Google My Business (GMB). Now let’s go ahead. Keep reading!

  • How to add a business on Google My Business – Step by Step Guide

Search ‘Google My Business’ on Google. Click the top URL and you will be redirected to the Google business listing website.

Click on the Manage now, showing top on the corner.

Log in with your email ID and password then click on “Add your business on Google”

Now write your Business Name and click on the Next button

Select your business Category

If you want to customer can visit your location you can mention Yes, if not you can select No. Generally people select Yes.

Do you also serve customer outside this location? select this section as per requirement.

Now add your exact address. This location will show up on Google Maps. Now click on the Next button. Now you will see some recommendation listing but should select None of these.

In the next section, you can add a contact name and click on the send button. Click on the Continue button.

In this section, you can add your services. You can also add a new service if you do not find your services in the suggestion list.

How to optimize Google Business Listing to get rank on Google

Only doing listing is not enough to get rank on Google. Without proper optimization, we cant generate maximum no. of lead for the business. So now your first step would be to finalize your keyword or searches. That means you should make a list of terms which generally your customer searches on Googe to find related to your business or services. Now try to put these keywords in your listing. You can put these keywords in the title, description, post, etc. See the image below which I did in one of my listings.

Apart from this, you should also increase your reviews and rating for your google listing. It does help to grow your ranking and business as well. If you are an SEO Professional then you should try to build some general backlinks. It could be from directory submission, profile creation, and some other instant approval website list.

How to remove a duplicate Google My Listing listing

If you are unable to list your business in Google Business Listing and got the message from Google that your listing already on Google My Business you cant list a duplicate listing. In that case, you have two options first one is that we can contact the listing owner to give admin access. But the thing is that nobody is going to give the owner access because he is earning money from that business.

So you have to adopt another option which is a really amazing method. You can directly contact to Google support team and they will help out to get live your business listing. You can describe your issue with the Google chat support team and after understanding your query they will remove the duplicate listing and will get live your listing on Google.

I have been using this technique to restore my listing for my client and mine as well.