Top 4 Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers in 2023

When we talk about the digital world, the first thing that strikes the doors of our mind is “websites”.

For an effective website functioning, ‘Speed’ plays a much crucial role. It really matters how fast your website loads as it affects everything from the user experience to your conversion rates. The speed is the one which decides where your website ranks in the organic search results of Google.

best wordpress hosting providers

From this, you need to make sure that your WordPress website should load as soon as possible. However, installing relevant tools and plug-ins helps to load your site better and faster.

Choosing a Fast WordPress Web Hosting Providers

Here comes the most crucial point in choosing a fast and reliable WordPress hosting. There is no doubt that optimizing your website helps, but your webpage will always be limited by the server at the end of the day. In this case, the WordPress site stands tall among all.

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Don’t worry; here are the lists of the four fastest WordPress hosting providers that will help you out with improving your website efficiency.

  • Bluehost Optimized WordPress Hosting: If you’re looking for even faster page load times, then I would like to recommend Bluehost’s shared hosting. In this, you will get a number of features that help in making your WordPress site load faster.

Well, it’s time to check out the reason how your site will load even faster on Bluehost’s WordPress hosting:

  • Bluehost’s WordPress hosting uses VPS technology

It clearly indicates that you will get your portion of a server to yourself only. With the help of VPS technology, there is no need to share, which means there’s no danger of your site to get slow down.

This WordPress hosting also uses NGINX web servers, whereas their shared hosting uses Apache web servers.

Especially for the high traffic sites, NGINX performs significantly better than Apache. According to a test, NGINX performed 4.2 times better than Apache.

Several benefits of choosing Bluehost’s WordPress hosting include:

  • It has integrated SiteLock features that help a lot to secure your site.
  • If you ever need to quickly scale your server to handle more traffic then there are dynamic upgrades to help you out.
  • Automatic Backup storage.
  • Free SSL certificate.

If you’re looking for the fastest WordPress hosting then don’t think twice, just go for it.

  • Kinsta: If you are looking for a complete fastest and reliable WordPress hosting and can pay a high price, then Kinsta is a worth for you.

Everything about Kinsta is optimized for performance. When you host with Kinsta, your website runs on the Google infrastructure. And undoubtedly, when it comes to the internet, Google has a quite good reputation.

Unlike, Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta also uses all the accurate technology; just to make sure that your WordPress site loads as fast as possible.

That indicates:

  • NGINX: As discussed in the Bluehost’s section, NGINX performs much better than the slower Apache web server that many shared hosts use.
  • PHP 7: It performs quite better than the older PHP 5.X technology which is still used by many shared hosts.
  • LXD containers: Help in loading your site faster.
  • MariaDB: It performs better than the databases of MYSQL, which is used by many cheap shared hosts.

On top of the Google Cloud Platform, when you put all of those performance-enhancing technologies, you will surely get faster loading of the pages.

Besides performance, Kinsta also has a ton of other helpful features like:

  • User-friendly admin dashboard:  Instead of cPanel, you get a custom dashboard.
  • Staging sites: Create a duplicate copy of your site to test changes.
  • Automatic backups: It will help a lot in keeping your data secure.

SiteGround  It is nothing but a shared hosting that offers performance-oriented WordPress hosting. Unlike, two other hosts, it contains a large number of high-performing technologies that are not offered by most of the hosts.

Here are the things:

  • HTTP/2: It performs much better than the older HTTP technology, which is used by many shared hosts.
  • PHP 7 – As discussed earlier, PHP 7 performs much better than the older PHP 5.X technology used by many shared hosts.
  • SSD storage: It offers a big performance boost over older, physical drives.

When you get down on the higher-tier plans, you’ll also get benefit from SiteGround’s three levels of server-side caching in order to improve the further performance of the site.

Apart from these performance features, SiteGround also gives you:

  • Automatic updates.
  • Staging sites (on the highest tier).
  • Automatic core WordPress updates.
  • Free SSL certificate via Let’s Encrypt.
  • Account isolation that helps to protect your site.
  • 24/7 support.

SiteGround doesn’t use NGINX but still, it is one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers.

SiteGround’s WordPress hosting plans with promotional pricing starting at $3.95 per month.

For better performance, you need to go with the $5.95 or $11.95 per month plans.

4. Namecheap Easy WP: Namecheap offering a true Managed WordPress Hosting solution for everyone. They offer Simple pricing and flexible plans, so you can scale up when you need to. With two different billing structures (Monthly and Yearly), they offer three plans which you can choose as per your requirement. See the image for the price structure.

Name Cheap WordPress Hosting Benefits: As I told they offer three different plans and each plan has its unique benefits.

Name Cheap WordPress Hosting Benefits


Which of the following WordPress Hosts is the best?

Now, the question arises, among three of them which is the best. Well, there is no doubt that all the three hosts offer great performance and load pages quite faster. But, here you need to check the price of all the three.

If you are not ready to pay $100+ per month for WordPress hosting, then you should go with Bluehost, Namecheap or SiteGround. However, I can’t promise you the both will be fast like Kinsta.

On the other hand, if you can pay a bit more and want absolute fastest WordPress hosting, then you must go for Kinsta. It has jaw-dropping performance and support.

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