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Top 8 Digital Marketing Techniques to Earn Money

Those days are gone when there are only limited means of earning money. However, nowadays the tables have turned around. In this tech dominating world, you can earn a lot of money through the digital medium. The latest trend of earning money that buzzing all around is Digital marketing. No doubt, it’s a great way of earning money without even moving out of your home. Well, now this definitely strikes the doors of your mind on how to get money with the help of digital marketing. Before diving into the techniques of earning money, it is mandatory to get some knowledge on the term ‘Digital Marketing’.

What do you mean by Digital Marketing?

The term ‘Digital Marketing’ can be defined as the online platform where you can advertise or promote your products and services by the means of online medium. It’s like in the past when salesman used to shout at the doors and tell about the benefits of the products. In this case, you have to promote the thing Online. At this time, each and every person has a significant online presence and this is where the concept of digital marketing comes into the picture as it uses the medium of web pages and social medium to endorse the products.

How to Earn Money through Online/Digital Marketing

Here are the lists of the lucrative ways on how to earn money through the method of digital marketing.

  • Content Marketing: It is a type of marketing in which the online content is published with an aim to advertise a specific product or service. It is widely used in search engines that act as a bridge of information between the seller and the customer. If there is a strong content on your website available about the product, then there are high chances of getting it sold.

Well, if you have a great command over the English language and a good suit in writing, then this method is quite perfect for you. While writing content, you should be able to know the dynamics of the services very precisely. Furthermore, the content must be written in such a manner so that an individual can understand and buy the product.

  • Blogging: If you have a flair for writing, then it’s good for you to write an appealing blog for the website and earn money without moving anywhere. However, the blog must be in the current trend. You can even monetize your blog and link it with the Google Adsense to great more income. For every single ad you hoist on your blog, you will be able to generate more funds. In order to attract the reader, your content must be steady and genuine. Just build trust among the customers and then advertise a product on your blog which is useful to the reader and earn more and more commission, if the readers use your blog as a link to buy that particular product.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO, the field is quite extensive, but also a very simple method of making money, only if you able to get the particulars. This technique is used to increase the website rankings on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In accomplishing this task, the SEO professionals play a major role. These experts help to optimize the web pages with the relevant key phrases to make sure maximum website visibility.

You can earn money by creating SEO friendly content and building links to attract the search engine traffic. Moreover, you should write the content in such a manner that has a perfect blend of keywords and phrases that helps in getting the website on the top of the search results. The different types of SEO content writing that you can do: Infographics, Blog writing, Slideshows, List making, Directories, Articles, Videos, Guides, Product pages, etc.

  • Website Designing: If you are having the ability to design a website from the scratch and make it user-friendly, then this field is for you. In the website designing, you need to select the most appropriate inviting layout, images, splash of the colors, and presenting the website in a manner able way. One foremost thing that you should keep in mind that the website needs to be updated regularly as per the latest marketing trends. This method of digital marketing is the best for you to earn money, just by designing the websites according to the client’s demands.
  • Affiliate Marketing: The affiliate marketing is highly based on one’s recommendation, means, if you recommend or suggest a product to your friend and then he/she uses the link given to purchase the product, then you will earn money from that sale. This is the oldest form of digital marketing. Though in this type of marketing, you can tie up with a company by giving a referral link and you can earn commission very easily for every purchase made.
  • Social Media Marketing: Here, the digital marketing is done on the popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more. Right now, all most all the social media networks have their own data analytics tool that helps a lot in creating advertisement campaigns. The field of social media has the most extensive demographic that needs to be explored.

You can easily earn money by posting a marketing campaign on the social media platforms by a number of views you get and success rate of your campaign. Not only this, on social media, you can even share a post on the social media on how to earn money by online marketing to get a maximum number of views.

  • Mobile Marketing: Often considered as the most innovative method of digital marketing. There are several ways from where you can earn money from mobile marketing.
  • SMS Marketing: This type of marketing is done by the means of SMS (short messaging service). Before the digital era, the products are used to get advertised by this manner.
  • Push Notifications: It is nothing but a form of a message that pops on the mobile where the viewer can see the message in a single touch.
  • App Based Marketing: In this marketing, the developers help to give a product maximum visibility in the application store. This method is trending as the best way to earn money through online marketing.
  • Game Marketing: while playing an online mobile game, you must have seen the Pop-ups ads, if you click them, then it will open another window urging you to purchase or download the game.
  • QR Codes: The codes are scanned by your Smartphone and then the URL is automatically entered in the browser’s tab so that a user can view and purchase the product quite easily.

Today, every individual has a mobile phone. Therefore, these above ways are the best to earn money by digital marketing through mobile marketing.

  • E-mail Marketing: It is a ground-breaking marketing tool in which an advertiser sends the email to the receiver regarding the details and offers of the products. The E-mail marketing is an amalgamation of written as well as graphic content and links that give access to the consumers for a hassle-free

The most striking feature of this method of digital marketing is that the product or service is advertised to a major group of audience. So, it is quite crucial to make the email marketing very creative and attractive. Yet, there are some email marketing campaigns that can pay you, when the lead clicks on the link is mentioned in the email.


Certainly, above are the ways on how to earn money from digital marketing. The digital age has brought a comfortable lifestyle and always been a land of opportunities to learn and earn according to your wish. The online marketing has clearly revolutionized and allows each and every individual to use full potential and at the same time making lives more peaceful.

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