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Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Networks for Bloggers to find High-Quality Affiliate Products

Affiliate Marketing Networks for Bloggers
Written by Saifi Rizvi

It really doesn’t matter, if you are an affiliate marketer or not, you might have heard of the term, ‘Affiliate Networks’. If you are willing to promote your product or a service, then you need to join an affiliate network from a list affiliate programs.

For instance, if you want to promote ‘Grammarly’, then it is necessary for you to join ‘ShareASale’.

Reasons to Join Affiliate Networks

Before dive into the Affiliate marketing networks, here are a few reasons to join affiliate networks.

  • All Reports in one place: When you promote products from an affiliate network then it becomes for you to check all your earning reports in one place. Now, you don’t need to check your stats by logging into every single affiliate program individually for each product you promote.
  • On-Time Payments: With the help of affiliate networks, you can ensure that you will surely receive your payments on time. Furthermore, the affiliate networks offer a range of choices in terms of payment methods.
  • A lot of products to Promote: You get to choose from hundreds of products if you join an affiliate network. Moreover, you don’t need to stick to just a few products. With an affiliate network, you can choose products in your industry and try to promote them in order to find out the best one that suits your demand.

Best Affiliate Marketing Networks for Bloggers

Here are the lists of top affiliate marketing networks.

  • ShareASale: It is one of the top affiliate networks on the internet, which is trusted by thousands of affiliates. This affiliate network is quite a good choice for bloggers who are looking to promote their physical products. In case, if you join ShareAsale, then make sure you also join Grammarly affiliate program. 
  • ClickBank: It is one of the popular affiliate networks, which is mostly known for information products, like video courses and eBooks. It doesn’t matter in which role you are in; there are hundreds of products on ClickBank. However, if you are looking for a niche, where you can promote your information products then ClickBank might be the suitable one for you.
  • Amazon Associates: A well-known online store, Amazon offers an affiliate program known as Amazon associates that helps the users to promote their products. Not only this, Amazon offers low commission rates and thus a huge number of affiliate marketers making a top income by using Amazon Associates affiliate program. If you are willing to promote physical products then trust me, Amazon is the best way to go.
  • eBay Affiliate Program: It is one of the most prominent online retailers, which has been in the business for more than 20 years. With over 800 million listings on eBay, you have a large number of products under a group of categories to choose from. 
  • Impact Radius: It is one of the most popular affiliate marketing networks on the internet. With a large number of products, they usually host affiliate programs for famous companies like ConstantContact and HostGator.
  • Avangate: When it comes to software products and SaaS solutions, the Avangate stands tall among all the other affiliate programs. If you are looking for the promotion of your software solutions, then Avangate is best for you as it offers a range of top quality software products.
  • CJ Affiliate: Begun in the year 1998, it is a prominent name that hosts affiliate programs for top companies like Zappos and Apple. When it comes to affiliate marketing platforms, it offers a huge number of products under a range of categories to choose from.


I hope among the list of affiliate networks, you will surely find a network appropriate for you.

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