Top 10 Strategies to Build SEO Friendly Backlinks Safely

In the online world, SEO is a prevalent term because it includes multiple strategies so that the website’s visibility can be improved on the different search engine platforms, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Undoubtedly, for a good SEO, backlinks act as the building blocks or simply they are the incoming links from other website or blog. In case, if your website has enormous inbound links then there are strong chances that your site will surely perform well in the search engine result pages. Furthermore, if your website is getting links from the other top-notch websites, then Google will definitely value your website, but if your website is receiving links from spam sites, then Google will not going to value your website and hence your site’s position can be greatly affected.

Instead of using any irrelevant techniques, make sure that you build backlinks safely with the proper procedure. You can easily build SEO friendly backlinks by writing high-quality guest posts, influencer marketing, or by posting infographics. You can even try alternate method by participating in the expert round-up posts, writing case studies, and much more. Read out some more information about the strategies for creating backlinks to your beloved website.

Are Backlinks Really Relevant?

Well, there some rumors spreading in the online world that creating backlinks will ultimately lead to losing the site’s importance after Google penguin and other updates. Nowadays, Google started penalizing those websites that are engaged in building heavy backlinks and other spam activities. However, as per the Google algorithms, backlinks are still considered as the core of the ranking factor and that’s the reason different website owners are indulged in building huge links.

Generally, backlinks are quite important, but at the same time, the quality of backlinks also matters.

Tip: Always make sure that the link building must be Google friendly and done by the professionals only.

Things Must Be Considered While Creating Backlinks

  • No Spamming: You should keep in mind that after Google updates if you do something bad then your site will be penalized by the Google. In the early days, many link builders used to build links by submitting their links in the huge web directories, press releases, article directories, etc. Surprisingly, these tactics worked quite greatly. Now, the tables have turned around, the Google became apt enough to track the spammers.


  • Avoid Anchor tag spam: In the previous days of SEO, it was believed that you can get more backlinks by using specific anchor tags. It did work great at that time, but now the times have changed. In the age of penguin, you cannot do link spam. If you think that you can do some clever stuff by using same anchor tag on numerous websites, they are likely to be caught by Google. Hence, make sure that while building links, try to keep variation in anchor tags on different websites.


  • Monitor your Website’s Backlinks Profile: While working on the backlinks, make sure that you monitor by using the free backlink Checker Tools as it helps you to stay updated. However, if you see some spam sites linking to your website then you can condemn those sites with the help of Google’s Link Disavow tool.


  • Avoid Spam Sites: While talking about backlinks, you might have heard about the terms, ‘web directories and article directories’. If you really want to do directories and article marketing, then make sure that you only choose the rightful sites that help you to build links.

Tip: “Don’t do anchor tag spamming”.

  • Try to Earn Link Instead of Building: It is very much different from other Backlinks strategy. Make sure that you do something different yet interesting so that people would definitely link to your blog, thus in that way can earn the link.

How to Build Top Quality SEO Friendly Backlinks

Here are the lists of the top 10 strategies that must be executed proficiently while creating backlinks.

  • Write Something Unique: To attract a lot of visitors, make sure that you write something that isn’t written yet. You can write on a number of topics such as data-driven post, a case study, an opinion poll, a research, etc. However, keep in mind that the written content should be credible and helpful. The things do not end here only. After writing the authentic content, promote it to the genuine sources.

Tip: Use drafting technique in which whenever you write a link worthy post then try to look out for the people who have a record of covering articles related to your post. Ask them to link your post to their resource page.

  • Write Pillar Content: You must be thinking what the pillar content is all about? Well, it is nothing but just a tutorial style article that has the main objective to teach your audience something. However, creating pillar content is not a cakewalk. These pillar articles take a lot of time to research and write and even take more time in the styling of the content. But there are vast benefits of writing pillar content.

  • People like good content. It doesn’t matter how frequently you are posting the content. If you write pillar content, then absolutely you will get loads of traffic.
  • Try to write epic content as it drives the people crazy and leads to rising in organic shares.
  • While creating pillar articles, you must ensure that you link it out to the valuable resources.
  • When your content is evergreen, then you will get evergreen traffic, more visitors and more links to it.

  • Take Profile Backlinks From High Ranking Social Media Websites: High ranking networking sites, such as Pinterest allows you to add one link to your profile. It will help in giving your overall rankings the desired Moreover, Create a user profile on the trusted platforms like Google plus and Reddit and then add a link to your homepage. Hence, you can easily get SEO-friendly backlinks from social media.


  • Get More Top-Notch Backlinks: In order to get top quality backlinks, you must have a blog with good visibility on the search engines as well as good Google rankings. Then only you are able to build a connection with the bloggers and conference them on the blog. As a result, many bloggers place a link back to the post by putting them in their ‘About us’ page.

  • Write on your Wish Topic: Write something! When you write everything of something, it usually attracts the top blogs to link with you devoid of performing outreach.

  • Use Graphics to Get the Desired Quality: For this, you can simply use a stencil, or you can take some help from sites, like Pictochart in order to create best infographics. Once, the graphics have been created successfully make sure you share it on the social media websites.

  • Guest Posting: If you are thinking to do guest blogging; just for building SEO backlinks then be ready to get into the bad books of Google. However, you can use guest posts to link to your site with only relevant data on your site. On a serious note, make sure that this doesn’t have to be done regularly.

  • Be Courageous: You must be thinking how daring is linked with the Backlinks building. It has been observed that getting a backlink tests your guts. By writing on a conversational post, you can grab as many as backlinks.

  • Broken Link Building: To get backlinks, broken links can be a suitable option as you don’t have to beg. In this way, you are helping someone with the much better resource and even there are fewer chances of refusal.

  • Build a Community: It is one of the best ways to get SEO friendly backlinks. Building a community has numerous benefits as it will help to make your blog as a reliable blog. Also, when so many people share your blog on social media platform then it will surely serve as a social media proof for your readers.


Backlinks are one of the major things for search engine optimization that are hard to ignore. There are so many methods of building links safely that include blog posting, link earning, article marketing, and much more.

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