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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions Useful for Bloggers

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions
Written by Saifi Rizvi

No doubt, blogging is quite difficult, but if you want to make your blog to rank at the top of search engines then you need to put a little more effort and time. Well, the process is not as simple as it seems like. But, there are some ways that can help you to make the entire process faster, resulting in making your life easier.

Here are the lists of the few best Google Chrome Extensions that can help you to save your valuable time and money. So, it’s time to hose down all your woes and increase your productivity as a blogger with the following Google Chrome extensions.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

  • Email Hunter: In this tech dominating world, you need to establish a connection to make your blog more prominent among the visitors. Thus, reaching out to the other bloggers and building connections with them can help you a lot in making your blog more admirable. You won’t believe that this technique can even skyrocket your blog growth overnight if it is done properly.

However, searching the appropriate email address of a website owner is quite a daunting task and thus, makes the entire process much tedious. To get rid you of all this, Email Hunter lends a helping hand by showing you the correct email address related to the website. Furthermore, it also reduces the required time to search for an email address by around more than the half.

  • Awesome Screenshot: The ‘awesome screenshot’ is one of the best Google Chrome extensions that you can use to take the screenshots. It is quite easy to use and offers a bucket of choices to the users. With a plethora of options, you can capture the whole page, a selected area or even the whole screen. Not only this, it also includes a specific tool that allows you to create professional look-alike screenshots for your blogs.
  • StayFocused: No matter, how much focused you are, it is usual for you to get off the track and waste hours on social media sites, like Facebook. Accept it or not, we all love procrastinating, but if you really want to grow your blog then you need to spend more time on your blog rather than on time-wasting websites, like Facebook.

This is where StayFocused prove useful.

            It is a helpful tool that restricts your time that you spend on time-wasting websites.

How it works:

You can add all the time-wasting sites to this tool and set a daily limit on the time, you use these websites.

In case, when you ran out of time, StayFocused will block these websites and doesn’t let you use them until next day.

I highly recommend you this tool if you find yourself procrastinating and not able to focus properly on your work.

  • Grammarly: Nobody wants to get embarrassed in front of the entire online arena, just because of silly grammatical mistakes. So, it’s better to find and fix those grammatical issues as soon as possible, before your audience reads it.

Don’t worry, ‘Grammarly’ proves to be a powerful tool that helps you to rectify silly errors while writing emails, blogs, articles and other social media posts.

It doesn’t matter, if you are a Grammar pro or what, there can be sometimes when you make grammatical mistakes.

In order to avoid humiliation, I would suggest you to start using ‘Grammarly’ and make your content free of errors.

  • Evernote Web Clipper: Have you ever wondered about a tool that can fulfill your wishes? Well, Evernote Web Clipper stands tall as a most excellent tool that allows you to ‘Clip’ anything that you view on the internet. Moreover, the tool lets you save articles, screenshots, images, and infographics to your Evernote notebooks.

If you come across content research, the tool allows you to capture your inspiration and makes it available on your devices.

  • Link Miner: If you have ever tried broken link building, then you probably have experienced the intricacy to find the broken links on any web page. This is where Link Miner stands for. This free and simple tool allows you to check web pages for broken links.

If you want to use it, just click the extension icon and it will automatically mark broken links on the web page with a red background.

In addition, you can also enable options to display the number of backlinks and the error code for every link on the web page.

  • MozBar: ‘MozBar’ is nothing but just a product of ‘Moz’ that displays some useful SEO metrics, such as Domain Authority and Page Authority. Also, when you search for something, it helps in displaying the metrics for all the Google search results.
  • Google Publisher Toolbar: You will love this amazing extension if you use Google Adsense to monetize your blog. The tool allows you to view information quickly about the ads on your websites. Furthermore, you can even get an overview of your account from your own website.

Saw an inappropriate ad? Just block it directly from your website.

  • Save to Pocket: Don’t be surprised, if you got escape into a vast amount of articles while researching for an appropriate one. It happens all the time. However, ‘Save to Pocket’ can be relatively helpful to you as it allows you save articles directly to your pocket account. It also makes the process much easier when you conduct research for your articles.
  • Buffer: Well, I am quite sure that you must have read about the term ‘Buffer’.

This free social media management tool allows you to share posts across the social media profiles and thus, helps you a lot in saving precious time.

Not only this, it also helps to schedule your social media posts and make them available for your pet platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


I hope these extensions will surely save your time and make your life much easier as you desired.

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