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Tips to Get More Followers on Twitter

Tips to Get More Followers on Twitter
Written by Saifi Rizvi

Undoubtedly, Twitter is one of the best social networking sites, which is used by almost all the internet surfers. Like, other social networks, it is also crucial to get followers on Twitter as it helps to make your tweets more approachable to the people. This post, however, is not about making your tweets popular. In the article, I will guide you on how you can increase your followers on Twitter.

Well, there is a number of networks, such as Addmefast, that let you increase the number of followers. But, our main focus is to get the real people as followers, not just to increase the numbers.

Most of the people use Twitter for marketing purpose only, while others use it to stay connected with their loved ones. I’m not sure about you guys, but I prefer to use Twitter and even recommend bloggers to build their presence in the digital world.

Simple Tips to Increase number of Followers on Twitter

Here are the lists of some useful and effective tips to increase your followers on Twitter.

  • Your Cover Picture: It is one of the key points that you should consider to increase the number of followers on Twitter. There is a great misconception among the people that uploading an image to your Twitter account is not necessary at all. But, trust me guys, your cover picture plays a much important role than anything else.

While uploading a cover picture, always make sure that it shows your full face. People want to know what you look like, that’s the reason a good picture of yours can help a lot in increasing your awareness in the social arena. For instance, if you are working for a brand, then you can use your brand image as a Twitter profile picture. It will ultimately help in making your tweets more noticeable among the people.

  • Best Time to Tweet: It is also important to analyze your Twitter profile picture and find out the best time to tweet. There are lots of free as well as paid tools that help to scan your list of followers and suggest you the best time to send a tweet.

If you are willing to do a tweet, I would like to suggest you do it at the peak hours. Always try tweeting at the moment when your friends and closed ones are signed in on Twitter. However, these peak hours may differ for different users.

  • The Profile Bio: It is the most crucial thing that you need to get a maximum number of followers on Twitter. In case, if you are not a famous personality, then it is necessary for you to write a good bio of yourself. While writing a bio, make sure that you do it efficiently as it is the only way to aware people about yourself. Try putting in a good quote that describes you more as a person. Furthermore, you can even link to your landing page so that the Twitter users can also get more information about you.
  • The @Messages game: While tweeting, make sure do it with @mention. While you are tweeting from an apparent website, make sure use Twitter buttons on the page. Eventually, this will clearly ensure that the tweet will get noticed by the owner of the website.

In case, if you get a re-tweet by top personalities, then it means that your tweet has been read by a huge number of followers and people will definitely take interest in knowing who you are. Another thing that you should keep in mind is the Tweet limit. Twitter limits the length of a single tweet to 140 characters, but make sure you tweet within 120 characters, as users can be able to retweet your tweet.

  • Ask Questions: Always ask questions on your Twitter account and see what people will answer to your queries. But, make sure you try to ask questions regarding the latest topics in your niche. Moreover, keep talking about the hot topics will help in getting you more followers on Twitter.
  • What To Tweet: Talk about your brand to the people, always keep a mix of personal and professional updates. Your tweet should be creative enough so that people will come and love to tweet it again.

It is not mandatory to follow any specific strategy, you can choose from a number of measures, like sharing pictures, interesting quotes, talk about topics in trend, etc. Remember, your audience loves to interact and communicate.

  • Stick to Niche: First of all, decide what type of thing you want to tweet. This will help people to get proper idea about the type of user you are. There is no doubt that tweeting about different things along with the ‘hashtag’ can help you get more followers on Twitter. Always respond to your audience what they ask you, and ultimately you will able to get a lot of followers.

For example, if you are social media savvy, you should not only tweet about your brand but also find the related content and share it.

  • Repeating Yourself: Try to tweet more than once. It is quite a good idea to send interesting tweets again and again. But, make sure that you don’t use this strategy repeatedly as people will not take interest in the user who repeats things that have been already tweeted.
  • Linking Your Account: It is one of the popular ways to get more followers on Twitter. You just need to link your Twitter account to your Facebook page. Promote your Twitter account by mentioning your account information in your e-mail signatures. For e-mail signature, you can use service like WiseStamp.
  • Twitter Directories: Don’t forget to list yourself in Twitter directories, as it can help other users to search you. I can’t say that it is the most effective among all, but it works great to get the targeted users.
  • Follow Other Top Users: Last but not the least; you must keep an eye on the updates from the top Twitter users. Always follow them and retweet their tweet. However, before you retweet anything, make sure you add a quote to it in order to make your tweet more meaningful and captivating.


It doesn’t take a single day to get the desired number of followers. If your target audience is set to Twitter, then make sure you follow the complete strategic planning.

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