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How to Live Stream Recorded Videos to your Facebook Page For Free

If you are a prominent blogger or an entrepreneur, then your first job is to make sure that your social media subscribers must receive a great number of enticing content at regular interval of time. There is no doubt that the most engaging content on social media is Video content.

However, creating a new video content is not as easy as creating a text. It takes a bit more time and resources to develop.

In this article, you will understand how you can live stream your current videos onto a Facebook page. Moreover, live videos surely get more visibility than normally uploaded videos and help a lot in making your content more reachable to the audience.

How to Stream Live on Facebook Page by Using Pre-Recorded Videos

One thing that you need is nothing, but the ‘Stream key’ from your Facebook. Every page has this key that enables us to use the needed streaming software.

How you can get it

  • Go to your Facebook page and then click on Publishing tools > video library > +live

This will bring a pop-up where you need to copy down the ‘stream key’.

Tip: Make sure that you always keep the stream key a secret as anyone can use it to stream video to your post. Once, you preview video, you have up to five hours to go live.

  • After that, click Next and then you will see the ‘Create Live video’ screen.

Tip: Do not close this window

Configuring Open Broadcaster Software to steam Pre-Recorded Video as Live Video

  • Install Open broadcaster software for your PC’s operating system.
  • After that, open OBS application
  • Then, click on settings> stream and make sure you paste the stream key in the field of stream key.
  • Finally, click on OK.

 Furthermore, make sure that you click on the + icon in the sources field and select VLC video source.

Afterwards, you need to create a playlist. The playlist may consist of more than one video as it entirely depends on your goal. To understand you better, I’m streaming one video.

  • Give a name to the playlist and then click OK.

You should configure how you want the stream to happen. For instance, live streaming works only when the software is running in the forefront.

Well, you can add multiple videos by just clicking the + icon.

  • To add a video, click OK and add to your streaming list.
  • Then, mute the Mic/Aux.
  • Click on start streaming.
  • After that, you need to go back to the Facebook window and Click on Go live.

Make sure that you test this as a trial video in order to get knowledge about how OBS works.

Issues that you may face

  • You need to end the live stream manually. If not, then the stream will go in a continuous loop.
  • Streaming video from the 0.00 second mark on Facebook. You can easily overcome this by taking care of the streaming delay in OBS settings > Advanced.

No doubt, OBS is one of the best solutions in order to live streaming the pre-recorded videos.

For a blogger, who is seeking a free solution; must go for the OBS at this moment.

Don’t worry; step forward and stream some of the videos on your Facebook page. Before you get the whole process right, it might happen that you take several times to get it done in a perfect way. However, if you follow the instructions quite carefully, then most probably you will not face any problem.

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