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A Brief Guide on How to Install Google Webmaster

How to Install Google Webmaster
Written by Saifi Rizvi

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If you are having your website, then you must have heard of the term, Google Webmaster or Google Search Console account. This highly popular free software tool helps to manage your website, like notify you if there are any issues with your website or whether it has been infected with a virus or not. The tool is very crucial for the users as it helps them a lot to know about their website. Furthermore, if you are engaged in running your business blindfolded or you have another sort of occupation, then it’s a priority for you to get it at any cost.

Meaning of Google Search Console or Google Webmaster

It is a free software tool offered by the Google that discloses the information about your own website. Also, it even reveals you about how the search engine sees your website. With the help of this software tool, you can check for broken pages, view site errors, confirming site indexing, etc.  Moreover, the search engine alerts you through a Google console regarding the malware warning, a hack on your website and other associated notifications.

Even more, the Google webmaster also tells you that how individuals interact with your site in the search results. You can able to view data such as:

  • Your average website rankings
  • How many users are clicking on your website
  • What are the search terms that your sites reflect in the Google search

To keep a track of errors and Malware on your website, I would like to guide you each and every step on how to set up Google search console account or Google Webmaster account.

Let’s get started by Signing into Google

It is quite necessary to log into your Google account as the Google wants to connect the dots between you and your website. You can sign-in with the help of your Google account or Gmail, Google +, etc.

There is no need to worry if you don’t have any Google account. Just go to and click Sign in. then, after that create an account and fill out the form.

Setting up Google Search Console

After signing into your Google account, just navigate to this page in any browser Type in your website and then you need to click Add property.

Note: If you are having just one property set up, you are able to view that display only, instead of the URL entry shown below. If you are willing to add another website or an app, you just need to click on the Add a property button and then type the new website’s URL.

image 1

At next step, Google needs to confirm that whether this app or website belongs to you or not. In order to verify that you are the only site owner, you have several choices. Just click on the tab of ‘alternative methods’ to view all.

image 2

Method 1: Google Analytics

This is one of the most preferred methods of the SEO and webmasters as it is quite easiest one. You can easily verify your website ownership instantly if you have set up Google Analytics and administrator permissions. What you have to do is:

  • Choose Google Analytics option
  • Next step is to, click the verify button and you are done. Now, you are ready to use Google search console.

image 3

If you do not have Google Analytics, there are three alternative methods to verify your website ownership. Read the full article and decides which one will be the best for you.

Method 2: HTML Tag

If you wish to access or edit your site’s HTML code, then don’t think twice, just choose the ‘HTML’ tag option.

One thing that you need to do is, copy the text line that Google shows in the shaded box that starts with the <Meta name=. In the preferred website editor, now open your homepage and paste the text into the head section of your homepage. This eventually led to creating a new Meta tag. Then save the changes in the editor program.

Click the verify button, back in the Google search console setup page.

image 4

Method 3: Domain Name Provider                                                    

If you are not interested in using the above two methods, try the Domain name provider option.

From the drop-down list, just select the company where you have registered your name of the domain. Then get ready to follow the instructions that Google gives you. Click the ‘verify’ button, when you are finished.

image 5

Method 4: Google Tag Manager

This is the last option for the verification of your website and it effectively works for the people who have a Google Tag Manager account. If you like the last method, just select the fourth radio button and then click the verify button to finalize the process.

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