Best Online Sites to Compress your URL

In today’s world, people love to say things in a precise way, thus the world of social media too. There is no doubt that in this emerging digital globe, URL’s are getting short day by day, and people are bound to share their thoughts within just 140 characters on social media platforms, especially Twitter. That’s where these URL compressor sites come into the contrast.

Well, there are numerous web services online that allows you compress your URL with ease.

In this article, I would suggest you to some of the best online sites that you can use to compress your URL.

Top URL Shortener Sites

Here are the lists of top URL compressor sites that will help you a lot like never before.

  • It is the official and one of the best URL compressor sites, which is used all over the globe. It is quite useful in the case, where you need further details, like where your link is clicked, system details, link referrals, browser details, etc. However, make sure that you don’t use it to compress your spam links.
  • URL compressor: Personally, it is one of my favorite sites that offer API and allows you to use it with the third party Apps, such as Bufferapp, Tweetdeck, etc. It is quite useful as it offers comprehensive information about your compressed urls. I strongly recommend you to create an account on as almost all the web services of Twitter allow you to use URL service.

Tip: Not recommended for Affiliate marketers. It is another popular URL shortener site by HootSuite, which is quite simple and is used worldwide. It allows you to shrink your long URL as shown in the image below.

  • EasyURL: The most striking feature of this compressor site is that you can select your shorten URL between four domain, whichever you like.
  • Yep The URL: It is one of the prominent URL compressor sites, which is quite easy and free to use.


There are many URL compressor sites available online, but in my opinion, I would recommend you to use any one of the above. Moreover, the above sites have been never marked as spam links, and you will surely not going to face any issue while sharing shrunk link to your social media platform.

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