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9 Steps to Increase your Facebook likes Fast and Free

Increase your Facebook likes
Written by Saifi Rizvi

Have you ever wasted your precious time on just getting more Facebook likes? Well, certainly you did. You may have interacted with your friends, sometimes posted eye-catching status updates, but still, you didn’t get the Facebook likes that you had desired. Don’t worry; there are some effective ways that can help you a lot in getting more Facebook likes for free.

Let’s have a look at some points on how to get free Facebook likes and shares

  • Post Live videos on Facebook
  • Optimize your site to get proper exposure to your Facebook page
  • Understand the new Facebook algorithm
  • Be active on the Platform
  • Re-post a post that already has many likes
  • Leverage Facebook master post

Before diving into the description; first, it’s time to acquire some knowledge on hacking the Facebook news feed.

The four important steps to hack Facebook news feed are as follows:

  • Inventory: when you open your Facebook account, the main purpose of the news feed is to grab all the information posted by your friends in order to form an inventory of post.
  • Signals: After considering the inventory of post, Facebook decides what story would be apt for you or in what kind of story you are interested in. These factors help the platform to make a decision, i.e. signals.
  • Prediction: Then, Facebook makes the prediction to get to know what post really interests you or what post can be able to get likes, etc.
  • Score: Finally, Facebook used to take all the predictions and then decides what information suites you the best and show it to you based on the relevance score.

Get your eyes on the Tips!

  • Get Active on Facebook to get more likes: Probably, you have done a lot of digital stuff, like creating products, blogging, etc. But, if you want to achieve something, then it is necessary to put some effort. Same goes with the Facebook, as per the reports, around 25% of the users don’t change their status. However, if want to get desired likes, then make sure that you update your status in the regular time period as it will help in creating a strong bond between you and the people.
  • Try to use a Master Post: You may have observed that some of our posts on Facebook get a lot of likes than the others. These posts are called as the master posts. Make sure that you try a range of status updates by creating long posts as they help to perform better and keep the news feed quite interesting. Furthermore, if you are willing to do any announcements regarding marital status or something, then make sure to share it on the master time.
  • Always Use Questions to Increase Facebook Likes: Make sure to ask questions on Facebook as these queries have always been a key basis of quality engagement. Nowadays, people want to add their suggestions and opinions with the help of comments. To increase Facebook likes and shares, always ensure start your posts with the questions like:

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • What you really like, pizzas or tacos?
  • Fill in the blanks……
  • Post Live Facebook Videos: No doubt, posting live videos on the Facebook is a great method for a person who wants to get Facebook likes. According to a survey, the live video feature almost gets three times more views than the regular video uploaded by the user. Also, the live videos help in getting higher completion rates and tend to prompt higher signals of viewer options. Rather than sharing the links of your blogs, you can share a video of your teamwork or a testimonial video.
  • Get Facebook Likes Free and Fast: Get the topmost links for your Facebook for free, just by sharing your popular posts once again. Re-sharing your posts is the best way to hike up your Facebook fan page. It might happen that your post had not seen by all your friends, so there are still chances to get some more post again. In other words, it’s a chance to strike the similar emotional chord with your friends again to get your post flooded with likes once again.
  • Being Yourself: It is the best social media tip that you can use to get a maximum number of likes. Because nothing can be better than having a genuine online presence. When you stand up for a cause, it will lead to increase your credibility by attracting more loyal customers and get more likes. When you share original content, your opinions surely appreciated by the user that ultimately leads to heaps of Facebook likes.
  • Optimize Your Blog: Another main source of getting more Facebook likes is your Blog. When your content is quite appealing, then there are high chances of getting more likes on your blog post. Moreover, make sure that you include a prominent Facebook button on your website as shown in the image below.

(The Blog adds a Facebook like button, named inspirational stories which is very much interesting)

  • Try to Bind Your Audience to a Value Chain: Value Chain, Now the question arises, what is this value chain means? Well, in simpler terms. It refers to the content that adds a true value to its viewer in such a way that they can become your loyal fans. In case, if you are a blogger, you can use fresh and unique content that will help in increasing the number of visitors on your blog post.
  • Use Story Bumping: If want to make your post always visible in the news feed of your friends once again? Then, this feature is for you. This new feature “story bumping” launched by the Facebook is resurfacing an old post back to the top of your friend’s This will eventually lead to more likes on your post with ease.

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