10 Ways to Drive Traffic from Forums to Your Blog

Since weeks, I am spending a lot of time on discussion forums and guess what I have managed to drive traffic from forums to my blog successfully. In this article, I would like to share 10 different ways that I have used to drive traffic from forums to my blog.

Tips to Drive Traffic form Forums

Here are the lists of the ways that you can use to drive traffic from forums to your blog.

You should be active: If you want to derive traffic from discussion forums, then you need to publish something at least 3 times every week. Personally, I publish 3 to 4 times a week. Remember, if you are more active then there are higher chances of getting more traffic.

Usage of Signature: Always make sure that you have a link in your signature. The major traffic to a blog comes from the people who click the link. I always add a link to my blog related to the discussion forum.

Starting new Threads: It is really necessary to connect with the people and join the discussions, but on the other hand, it is also more important to begin new threads. When I started a new thread, I got more than 8 comments and received more traffic.

Using Old Threads: It might happen that your old threads may contain more than 20 comments. If you join an old conversation, all the subscribers to the thread will get notified by, ‘there’s a new message to the thread’. Due to this, the thread will jump at the top list of the threads and people will also join the discussion.

Add Blog Feed: Remember that you should add a blog feed just below the username. This way you can drive traffic from forums to your blog.

Add Precise Content: I really don’t like to read long messages and in my opinion, most of the people also look for a brief and clear-cut answer to the question. Make sure that you never try to write a bunch of sentences in every comment. Moreover, ensure that you add good quality content.

Stay Positive: It is one of the most important ways that you should follow to derive traffic. No matter what people write, you should answer them in a positive way. Remember, there will always be some people who are completely new to the topic or don’t have much knowledge.

Try to Help: Whenever you publish a comment, always make sure to help somebody. Furthermore, it is important not to self-promote anyway as people usually don’t like it.

Do your Best to Follow up: Whenever you start a thread or add a comment, make sure you stay subscribed to it. In case, you can add a value to the thread then do it positively.

Add Value to Profile: Adding your information on the profile helps the people to know with whom they are communicating with. You can add information including where I’m from, who I am, and what my hobbies are, etc.

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