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10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers 2018

If you are looking for the best Adsense alternatives in order to monetize your blog, then ‘Adsense’ is quite worthy for you.

In case, if your traffic is from the western countries or has a huge number of visitors, ‘Adsense’ has a good potential for earning. However, you might need to have some other sources of income that can help you to earn desired amount other than Adsense on your blog.

Even If your Adsense is banned then there is no need to worry as this article can help you a lot with much better-earning streams.

Reasons to Look for Adsense Alternatives

Here are the lists of the reasons that might help you to look for Adsense alternatives.

  • If your Adsense account is banned: or most probably, you were never approved for an Adsense program
  • If your traffic is not reactive to Adsense: Sometimes, it happens that you are in a niche that doesn’t perform quite well in the case of Adsense revenue. It is the universal truth that most of the bloggers are very much aware of the Adsense as an Ad network and therefore, do not click on them.
  • Increase in the use of Ad blockers: with a drastic rise in the Ad blockers, it becomes necessary for you to look for Adsense alternatives.

If you want to keep going with your Adsense, you can continue, there is no problem with that. But, if you are willing to supplement your overall revenue then make sure you use Adsense with these ad programs.

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives that you should try

For your ease, I am dividing the section into two parts.

  • Adsense Alternative Ad platforms ( Contextual ads)
  • Affiliate Marketing ( can be very Profitable)

Let’s talk about Adsense Alternative Ad platforms first.

In this section, I am going to tell you about how you can make money with the help of Adsense alternatives that work on the similar format of monetization as Adsense. The programs that I am will discuss here need a bit effort from your side apart from initial ad optimization.

  • It is one of the best paying Adsense alternatives that can give you less or more similar revenue like Adsense. It helps to allow numerous ad formats that blend with your website’s content quite perfectly, thus helps in increasing the revenue and CTR (Click through rates).

Furthermore, it offers contextual ads based on your traffic source, i.e. direct traffic and organic search traffic that automatically increases CTR.

  • Infolinks: It is the sixth largest ad network in the world that offers a range of Ad formats. Not only this, it doesn’t require any ad space on your blog. When the readers hover over your blogs, they will serve with the relevant ads and you earn.

If your blogs are not getting a traffic that you desired, then Infolinks is the thing that can help you a lot to accomplish your goals.

  • Bidvertiser: If you are looking for an Adsense alternative that can pay you better, then don’t think twice, just go for Bidvertiser. It is nothing but a PPC ad network that pays you a bonus for every single conversation your lead makes. With the help of this Adsense alternative, you may have banner ads, text ads, and even mobile responsive ads that help you to add inventory for all the sources of your traffic.
  • RevenueHits: This popular Adsense alternative usually works on a CPA format. If you are willing to try something which is quite powerful in terms of Ad management, then RevenueHits is a must. It is believed to be a better Adsense alternative to earn for high traffic websites.

Better Monetization Methods than Google Adsense

In this section, I will tell you the Adsense alternatives that can give you huge opportunities for growth. But, first of all, let’s talk about the benefits of Affiliate marketing.

  • You don’t have to tap your user experience with ads.
  • Your readers feel gifted when they come to know about the services that help to grow their business.
  • The Affiliate marketing usually works on Autopilot with a bit optimization.
  • You even get paid to refer your readers to the things that you use.
  • The amount of commission you received is much more than Adsense.

It’s time to put some contrast on the best affiliate programs that you can join in order to make money than Adsense.

Grammarly: It is the most popular grammar checker tool that helps the users to write English in a better way. Usually, it checks more than 250 distinct punctuation errors among other things and works automatically, whenever you write blogs, social media updates, email, etc.

Benefits of Promoting Grammarly

  • The free plan is so useful in itself that gives you $0.20 for each lead.
  • It gives you an upfront of $25 when you join its affiliate program
  • It gives you $20 for every sign up that buys the premium plan.
  • It also gives you a 10% of your lifetime earnings of each sale who becomes an affiliate by using your link.
  • The minimum payout is $50, so you get paid faster than Adsense.

StudioPress: If your audience is in the marketing niche, you can earn a large amount of commission, usually up to $75 per sale, just by promoting themes with the help of StudioPress. Not only this, the StudioPress themes are the world’s no.1 selling WordPress themes that have a good SEO value.

Benefits of Selling StudioPress

  • StudioPress themes are the most selling WordPress. Thus, you can use them quite easily.
  • Some of its themes are more than $100 each, which is a huge amount.

WPEngine: It is an enormous affiliate product that you can easily promote it as an Adsense alternative. Moreover, it has a huge fan following and is the only one that users like to buy.

This 2-tier affiliate program pays you a part of income that your referrers make as an affiliate.

Benefit of Promoting WPEngine Hosting

WPEngine Hosting has numerous models of referrals like, eBooks, free tools that help your readers to use or download.

Instamojo: It is an Adsense alternative that can help a lot in giving you a good stream of income. This Indian payment platform helps you to receive payments, sell goods, etc, without setting up a store on your blog.

It pays you 500 INR for each successful referral, which is quite more than any successful Adsense.

Benefits of Promoting Instamojo

  • Quick and fast payment process
  • Prime focus on Indian Market, thus it is the best Adsense alternative for the Indian bloggers.
  • Anybody who has something to sell can become your worthy potential referral.

GetResponse: It is a feature rich and affordable email marketing service provider, which contains multiple festival promotional campaigns that help to boost your signup rates.

Benefits of Promoting GetResponse

  • It has a referral plan that you can refer to your friends and after that, you both get $30 to use on the platform.
  • Having a cookie tracking period of around 6 months that gives you time to convert your leads to sales.

Amazon Affiliates: If you think affiliate marketing is not your cup of tea, then think again. An Amazon affiliate is the best alternative to the Adsense that helps in converting better than the latter.

With the help of Amazon affiliates, you can access millions of products that are sold by Amazon.

Benefits of Promoting Amazon Affiliates

  • It can easily fit into any niche you are working on.
  • If it’s done efficiently, you can earn $1000 or even more.


If you are looking for an efficient Adsense alternative to earn more money, then the above products can really help you a lot.

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